Packing for your move is like packing to go on vacation. You want everything ready before you leave, and the items must be handled carefully by professionals who know what they’re doing so nothing gets broken or lost in transit. Our professional teams can provide customized packing services – whether a little packed up or an entire home, we will help ensure all of your valuable items arrive safely at their destination without any damage during transport.


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Our professionals will care about everything with meticulous detail. With our packing services, you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are in good hands. We will pack and move just the right amount of items for you, whether it is a home or business moving situation. If needed, we’ll even do some light assembly to get things back up running! Our professional staff is experts at their craft, ensuring all possessions arrive safely with no damage done during the transport or storage process.

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Even though it’s best to start packing weeks before your move, most people have busy schedules and rely on friends who may be unavailable. 5 Star Movers Sarasota understands how sentimental your belongings are to you, and we guarantee that we take the time to get all of our customers’ items to arrive in the same condition as they left.

Instead of worrying about your furniture moving from point A to B, let us handle it for you. Our professional packing and unpacking service will ensure that no scuffs or scratches occur on any pieces of furniture throughout the process – even if something bumps into them! We’ll protect hardwood floors, too, so you have nothing to worry about other than where you want all your stuff to go in your new space.

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