No More Forgotten Tasks: The Comprehensive Moving Checklist for Apartments

Moving to a new apartment is an exciting time filled with change and the promise of a fresh start. However, it can also be stressful, especially when you start to think about everything you need to do before and during your move. With so many tasks to check off your list, it can be easy to forget something important. 

It would help if you had a comprehensive apartment moving checklist to ensure you get everything. To help you stay organized and on top of everything, this guide will equip you with the ultimate moving checklist for apartments. With the support of this checklist and a reliable moving company, you can make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Complete Moving Checklist For Your Apartment

Moving can be a stressful experience.

As stated by the U.S, a typical American moves 11,7 times in their lifetime, according to the U. S. Census Bureau. There is a lot to pack!

Proper planning lets you easily move into your new apartment without any stress. Check out our apartment moving checklist for a complete guide to moving.

What to Do Before Moving Into a New Apartment

  • Choose a move-in date
  • Request time off from work (if needed)
  • Budget for moving
  • Notify your landlord that you are moving
  • Sign the lease with your new landlord
  • Measure your furniture before moving to see if it will fit
  • In advance, contact friends or movers to assist
  • Packing supplies
  • Sort, pack, and donate
  • Change your address using the United States Postal Service
  • You can cancel your old policy or change your policy
  • Transfer or stop utilities
  • If you need storage, get it
  • Inspection of security deposit returns
  • Cleaning your apartment
  • Explore your new area
  • Host a housewarming party

Two Months Before the Move

1. Select a Move-In Date

Choose a month in the middle to get the best rates. Schedule the move for a Friday so you can spend the weekend unpacking.

2. Request Time off Work (if Necessary)

If you plan to move during the week, ensure you have requested time off work to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

3. Set A Budget For Moving

Consider moving boxes, packing materials, insurance for your move, and hiring an experienced moving company when determining the budget.

4. Notify Your Current Landlord That You Are Moving

Notify your current landlord 60 days before your move that you will not renew the lease. Ask them for a checklist of damage that occurred during the move-out.

If you have a deposit, this is crucial. Use the move-out checklist to note what is in good condition and needs repair.

One Month Before the Move

5. Sign the Lease with Your New Landlord

You'll need to sign a new lease and get details about when you can pick up the keys. Also, double-check that you have all of your utilities set up.

6. Measure Your Furniture to See if It Will Fit in the New Apartment

You can measure your furniture to ensure it fits in the new apartment. Measure the doorway, stairs, and elevators to avoid moving-day nightmares.

7. In Advance, Contact Friends or Movers to Help

Schedule movers as you decide your move-in date. You should book movers as soon as possible to guarantee their availability.

Renters' insurance covers damages caused by specific perils, such as the theft of belongings during a move. It may not cover damage caused by movers, as that is the moving company's responsibility.

If your friends are helping you with the move, you can offer them drinks and food to show that you value their assistance. Pizza is a great way to show your appreciation.

8. Get Packing Supplies

Gather your packing and moving supplies. Before packing, create a space in your apartment to store all the moving and packing supplies.

9. Sort, Pack, and Donate

Pack items you don't need daily, such as decor and wall art. Pack last-minute items as quickly as possible.

Sort your items into two categories – selling and donating.

You can also use selling apps or local Facebook groups to post your items. You can also hold an estate, yard, or garage sale.

10. Change Your Address With the United States Postal Service

Contact USPS to update your address. Your bank, credit card company, doctor's office, and subscriptions should all have your updated address.

11. You Can Cancel Your Old Policy, Change It, or Review Your Current Policy

Get a quote from a moving company, in less than a minute if you do not have renters' insurance. They offer a more affordable policy than other companies. We'll also cancel your existing insurance if it's with another company so you can focus on the move.

Most landlords will require proof of renters' insurance. You can easily add your new landlord as an insured party by adding them to the policy. Only their contact details are required.

Here are six good reasons why you should get an insurance policy.

Two Weeks Before the Move

12. Stop or Transfer Utilities

Most utility companies allow you to transfer your service from one place to another. Utility providers only require the previous residence's end date and start date.

Before moving, ensure you can get electricity, gas, Internet, water, and garbage services at your new home.

13. If You Need Storage, Get It

You may need to store your items for a long time if you are moving in with someone, downsizing, or have a gap between your move-out and move-in dates.

You may still need renters insurance if you store your vehicle in a storage unit. Review your insurance policy before you lock your things up to ensure you know the perils covered and any limits for coverage off-premises.

14. Schedule an Inspection for the Return of Security Deposit

Plan a time when your landlord will come by to do a final check to ensure everything is in order.

Three Days Before Moving

15. Cleaning Your Existing Apartment

Some landlords deduct cleaning and maintenance costs from the security deposit. Take photos of your apartment to ensure you receive your security deposit.

After the Move

16. Explore your New Area

You should survey your new neighborhood and identify nearby essential services, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, post offices, gyms, and parks.

17. Host a Housewarming Party

Invite your friends and family over to your new house (you deserve it) after the move is complete.


You can rely on something other than memory or guesswork when planning to move. With our checklist and proper planning, you can move into your new home smoothly.

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Why use a moving checklist?

Make Lists and Organize. Make a list and then organize everything by room. Sorting everything by room before moving will increase the likelihood that your boxes will land correctly. Unpacking is quick and simple.

When should I begin packing up my apartment for a move?

Start packing at least three weeks before your expected move date. Moving preparation should begin at least six to eight weeks before your move. You will find that the earlier you begin the packing process, the easier your move will be.

What is the best way to use a checklist?

A simple checklist is an itemized list of tasks that the person in charge must complete before they can deliver work. The checklist is used to keep track of the tasks that need to be completed and to ensure the quality of the final product.

What is the purpose of a checklist?

Checklists ensure that every important task or project is noticed during the execution. You will get everything important that could compromise your results. They also ensure that activities are carried out in an organized and orderly manner.

What is a checklist?

Simple checklist templates are any list or process arranged as a checklist; it is a list of to-dos where the order is important.