What to Expect When Moving Apartments: How Much Do Movers Cost?

Understanding the fees and costs associated with hiring movers will help you prepare.

Hiring movers or using a moving service to assist with your move can have many benefits. These include saving time and coordinating logistics. These services can be as simple as having someone carry your boxes or as complex as entrusting your move to movers.

But how much do movers Sarasota cost? What are the costs of specific services?

You can prepare and budget for your move by using this guide.

What Is the Cost of Hiring a Moving Company?

How much do movers cost? There is no universal answer to this question. How much it costs to hire movers or to get a moving company to assist you depends on many factors.

For a rough estimate, hiring a moving service can range from $800 to $2,000. Nationally, the average cost to hire movers is $1400. Moving company costs can be significantly higher if you move across the country. They range between $2,200 to $5,700.

Pricing and rates will vary from one company to another, whether a local operator or a significant outfitter.

What Is Included in the Cost of Hiring Movers?

The cost of the truck and labor is included in the basic package. It's not necessary to rent a truck from an outside company. You have movers to help you. Hiring movers comes with all kinds of extras, like packing supplies.

What Impacts the Cost of Hiring Movers?

The cost of hiring a moving firm and movers is affected by several factors.

Time of Year

Your move's cost will depend on the time and season you choose. The peak moving season usually extends from Memorial Day until Labor Day Weekend, meaning most people move in the summer. Around 70 percent of local and long-distance moving occurs during this period. This is due to several factors. One reason is that school has ended, and it is easier to plan a move when kids are not in school. The weather is also nicer, and the days are getting longer.

Summer is also a busy time for moving companies, with higher costs. You can save money by planning your move during the off-season, such as fall, winter, or spring.


Moving services and the cost of hiring movers are also affected by distance, such as moving to another state. Local moves within 100 miles of the original apartment are usually cheaper. It's because the logistics and travel expenses are lower. You can get a quote from a moving company over the phone rather than having to visit them in person. A short-distance relocation also takes less time and uses less fuel.

You can expect to spend much more on a long-distance move. Due to the higher travel costs associated with long-distance moves, moving companies charge more for their services.

Longer moves are also more complex and require more planning. Usually, the movers must come to you to give an estimate. The larger the truck needed for your move, the more items you own. When moving long distances, you'll need to budget for more expenses, such as gas, mileage, tolls, and possible lodgings and essentials for drivers and movers. Also, you're paying for the time. You'll be charged for the time the moving company spends to reach the destination if the company charges hourly. Flat rates will also be higher to reflect the time, distance, and hours invested.

Quantity of Goods

Moving services are cheaper if you're moving into a small studio apartment with mainly personal items. Moving services will cost more if you are packing up a three-bedroom apartment, which includes furniture, appliances, and other items.

Number of Movers

You'll pay by the mover in addition to paying per hour. You'll pay less for simple local moves that only require one or two movers. If you are moving across the country, with three bedrooms worth of furniture, you will likely need a larger team and experienced movers. You're paying extra for the extra movers and their expertise.

Size of Truck

The larger the truck, the higher the price. The average cost of moving will also be affected by the truck size you need. Due to their smaller size, smaller vehicles are more fuel efficient and less expensive. You will need a bigger box truck or semi to fit all the items in a larger move. The fuel efficiency of trucks that are larger, heavier, or carry more weight is reduced. This means they need to fill up at the gas stations more often.

Specialty Services and Items

The cost of moving fragile items, such as antique furniture, grand pianos, or extra vehicles, is higher because these items require special care.

Full-Service Moves

Full-service moving companies will do everything you need during your move. They can handle everything from packing your apartment to assembling your furniture in your new home. This personalized service is more expensive because it takes more time, requires more skills, and involves a larger staff.

You can save money by paying only for the labor and not any additional services.

Packing Supplies

Moving services usually provide packing materials, but the cost is rarely in your control. You can eliminate these costs by buying or making your own packing material.

Accessibility or Difficult Locations

Moving companies charge more for complicated moves. If your new apartment is located on the top floor in an older building without an elevator, the movers may have to carry the boxes and furniture down multiple flights of stairs or up numerous flights. This can typically add several hundred dollars to the bill.

Additional Moving Costs

You may also have to pay extra for closing costs, renting a storage facility, or having movers unpack or assemble your furniture.

How Can I Save Money and Reduce Costs When Hiring Moving Companies?

There are many ways to reduce moving costs if you're on a budget.

Move on a Weekday

Most people move on weekends because they have to work. This means that not only are movers less available, but they also cost more at weekends because of the increased demand.

It is usually cheaper and easier to find a place if you move between Mondays and Thursdays.

Pack Everything Yourself

A full-service moving firm will pack your possessions at an additional cost. Having movers pack your home for you could be up to $1,000.

Pack your belongings before moving to avoid this fee. You'll only be charged for labor to load and unload the boxes.

Get Free Packing Materials

You'll need to purchase packing materials if you don't have plenty of bubble wrap and moving boxes. You may need to spend some money to buy all the packing supplies.

There are many ways to get free packing supplies. You can save boxes you receive in the mail if you plan to move soon. Online marketplaces such as Craigslist or Freecycle are popular places for people to eliminate their unwanted packing material. Ask friends, family members, and acquaintances if they will give you boxes or other packing materials. USPS will even give you free boxes.

Do Not Move at the Beginning or End of the Month

Movers are most busy at these times because many apartment leases begin or end in the middle or end of the monthly period. Moving in the middle of the monthly period will save you money and increase your availability.

Can I Save Money by Moving Myself and Not Hiring Movers?

In general, yes. It's cheaper to move and not hire professional movers. You don't need to hire a whole crew to assist you in the move. To thank your friends and family for their help, you'll need to buy a moving van, some gas, packing materials, and perhaps pizza and beer.

You may not need to rent a truck in some situations. You can borrow a friend's truck if you still need to get many things to move. As you age, you will need a larger truck rental and acquire more items.

You may also encounter costs and expenses you did not anticipate or plan for, as you will handle the entire planning and logistics. The whole stress and burden of moving will fall on your shoulders.

How Much Should I Tip?

It is customary to give a tip to the movers who are assigned to your move. Although it is not mandatory, tipping movers for an excellent job is a common practice. Tipping your movers is especially important when handling fragile or large items. Tipping more is also good if your movers provide a fast, efficient service or go above and beyond. Also, cash is best.

Moving costs vary for every person and business. You should generally tip 5 to 10 percent of the total moving cost. You can also tip per hour. A reasonable rate is anywhere from $6 to 12 per hour per mover. The higher the tip is, the more movers and hours they have worked.

You should ensure your tip is large enough to compensate everyone involved in the move, including the driver. You can distribute the tips while thanking everyone for providing everyone receives their fair share. You can also thank your movers by giving them easy food such as pizza, sandwiches, and drinks.

The tip should reflect the quality and value of the service. The tip should be reduced if there are any damaged boxes, movers made a mistake with the move date, or the truck was late.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company?

Although hiring movers for a significant move can be expensive, it has many advantages.

Preventing Injuries

Moving apartments can be dangerous. There are many ways to injure you or others, from heavy boxes to large pieces of furniture. Picking up a box of heavy books could cause you to hurt your back. Moving heavy furniture can lead to various problems, from dropping it on someone else's foot or hurting yourself. Some items are easy to move, but others should be left to the professionals.

Movers are professionals who do this every day. They have the experience to handle heavy boxes and unwieldy pieces of furniture. They have strength and dexterity but also work as a team.

They also have the right tools for the job. Having the right equipment, from hand trucks to moving dollies, reduces the chance of injury.

Why risk your back by lifting a heavy box of books? Call in the professionals!

Saves Time

Hiring a mover will save you time. You may be starting a job on the opposite side of the country and need to settle in before a specific time. You may be balancing a career with family obligations and other commitments while also planning a move. Most of us have other things to do besides moving.

Moving house is a big undertaking for most people. Moving can take a long time. It could be a few weeks or several months. Movers can help.

A moving company can take the planning stress off your shoulders if you need more time to plan everything. It's nice to let professionals handle the moving process, even if you have plenty of time. You can concentrate on other tasks and avoid being overwhelmed by shifting the logistics to your movers.

Expertise and Professional Service

You take your car to a mechanic when it breaks down. You call a professional plumber if your sink is clogged. Why not do the same when moving?

Moving companies can make your move easier. They do all the heavy lifting, offer excellent customer service, and relieve you of the burden. They offer solutions and solve problems if something goes wrong. They are experts in moving and know how to transport your possessions from A to B safely.

You can rely on them to do everything from planning the logistics to loading and unloading. They do it every day. Your personal belongings will be in safe hands.

A moving company will ensure that you can rely on an expert to answer all your questions, take care of the entire move, and hold your hand.

Reduces Stress

Moving is stressful, no matter how you look at it. You may have a tight schedule and little time to plan and pack. You may have months to prepare for a move but still encounter unexpected issues like delays. You don't need to solve these problems alone when you hire movers. This reduces stress.

How Much Will My Move Cost?

You may be wondering how much it will cost to hire professional movers now that you understand the factors influencing this cost.

You can use the moving cost calculator to calculate your move's cost and create your budget. You can reduce moving costs in many ways, including packing your belongings and being flexible about the time or season of the year you move.

How Many Movers Cost Depends on the Needs of Your Move

You can reduce moving costs by taking steps or finding a company that suits your budget.

Final Thoughts

Hiring movers for your apartment move can save time, prevent injuries, and reduce stress. However, the cost of hiring movers can vary depending on factors such as the time of year, distance, quantity of goods, number of movers, size of the truck, and other services or specialty items. To save money and reduce costs, consider moving on a weekday, packing everything yourself, getting free packing materials, and avoiding peak moving times like the beginning or end of the month. 

While it is cheaper to move, hiring professional movers ensures expertise, professional service, and the safety of your belongings. Tipping your movers for their excellent service is also essential, usually around 5 to 10 percent of the total moving cost. To get an accurate estimate of your move's cost, you can use a moving cost calculator and find a company that meets your budget and needs. 

Don't hesitate to contact companies like 5 Stars Movers Sarasota for a reliable and hassle-free moving experience.


How long does it take for a new apartment to feel like home?

Planning a year to 18 months for this significant life transition is a good idea. This does not mean you will feel lost for 18 months, but it's good to give yourself the expectation that it may take that long before your new place truly feels like home.

What is the average time for moving?

From the day you make a reservation with a moving company to the day you complete unpacking, the moving process typically takes six to seven weeks. While interstate moves may take longer, most movements will fall inside that window.

How long does it take to unpack an apartment?

You may finish unpacking in one to two days if you have adequate assistance. However, it often takes a few weeks for everyone to finish putting things away. According to research, unpacking takes an average of 182 days or slightly over six months.

What age should you move?

Although every individual and circumstance is unique, moving out of your parents' house between 25 and 26 is the best option. But don't let these figures become your only focus. They are only intended to be used as a general guide. A different age may mark your independence.